The Temple University SBDC kicks off a 10 part eCommerce webinar series exclusively for manufacturers. The first webinar of the series, eCommerce 101 for Manufacturers, features Falconer Electronics.

This exciting program takes place on Tuesday, April 6th, at 12:00 EST.

Click here for registration: eCommerce 101 for Manufacturers

Temple University partnered with B2Btail as well as eCommerceMGMT to create this highly impactful program.

Sense of Urgency for Manufacturers

With a new sense of urgency for entrepreneurs as well as manufacturers to create a strong digital presence, please join us for a discussion on the necessary steps to implement a highly effective…


On-device voice recognition enables spoken commands without a connection to the cloud. Today, companies in the on-device space are enjoying explosive growth. Sensory, a leading player, has developed embedded technologies that have shipped with three billion products, including many from well-known consumer brands. Yet, names like Google, Alexa, and Siri are more familiar, in part because “Hey Google”, “Alexa”, and “Hey Siri” are well-known wake words that activate devices so that users can issue voice commands like “play music” or “set an alarm”.

For brands pursuing interactive voice response, the choice between on-device and cloud-based systems requires an…

Physical photos like the ones in photo frames, scrapbooks and wedding albums are providing people with emotional support during COVID-19. According to a recent study by Fujifilm Instax, 60% of respondents in the United Kingdom are turning to physical photos instead of digital ones. The Dead Pixel Society, an on-line source of news and information for the photo industry, explains that 37% of the survey’s respondents cited a longing for “the good times” before the pandemic began. An even larger percentage (41%) said that COVID lockdowns have provided time for organizing keepsakes like physical photos.

Emotional Memory and Personal Resilience

Whether it’s to relieve memories…

Brand voice is what customers see, hear, and feel when they interact with your brand. It’s the words that you chose, the way that you use them, and the emotions that they evoke. Brand voice also includes visual elements, such as a logo that’s easily recognizable. Increasingly, brand voice is audible as well. As voice assistants become more popular, they will do more than simply interpret human speech and respond to spoken commands; they will represent your brand. Is your brand ready to sound the way you imagine it?

From Sonic Branding to Alexa Custom Assistant

Sonic branding, the strategic use of sound to foster an emotional…

Same day delivery and personalized gifts are the perfect couple for Valentine’s Day. Despite their differences in age, same day delivery remains young at heart. In fact, demand for the delivery of products within the same 24 hours keeps growing — and changing. Meanwhile, personalized gifts have their own love story. If you’ve ever received a handmade Valentine’s Day Card, you’ve probably felt the type of connection that brands seek to build upon through emotional marketing.

The Flowering of Same Day Delivery

In many ways, the marriage of same day delivery and personalization began in 1884, when the Society of American Florists (SAF) was born. This…

Voice assistants are more than just user interfaces for the hands-free operation of digital devices. They interpret human speech, respond to spoken commands, and can immediately and easily provide the information that customers expect. Voice assistants, or virtual assistants, aren’t limited to Siri, Alexa, Google Home, or Cortana either. For brands, this form of assistive technology provides new and powerful ways to improve everything from websites and wearables to ecommerce and automobiles. Voice assistants have also injected new life into legacy phone-based auto attendants. Plus, they’ve made obsolete the iconic “press 0 for Operator”.

The Evolution of Interactive Voice Response

Today’s Interactive voice response (IVR) systems…

The Voice of Things (VoT) uses voice assistant technology to inform, engage, and delight consumers as they interact with a brand. The roots of VoT were planted a decade ago, when Apple introduced a virtual assistant called Siri that used voice queries and a natural language interface. More recently, Internet-enabled smart speakers controlled by spoken commands began allowing consumers to stream music, check the weather and set a timer, all at the sound of a voice. Today, a smart speaker in a card that doesn’t require external hardware or an Internet connection is transforming brand marketing with VoT.

Brands need…

Customer engagement after the sale can support brand discovery, drive future purchases, and improve the user experience. Brands that build ongoing relationships with consumers can also reduce the cost of customer acquisition. According to Digital Strategy Consulting, acquiring a new customer is five to 25 times more expensive than retaining existing ones. Profitability is at stake, too. Market research in Forbes shows that raising customer retention rates by just 5% can boost profits by 25% to 95%. As brands look ahead to 2021, it’s worth considering these numbers and reflecting upon holiday gift giving.

Brand Discovery and Brand Affinity

During the winter holiday season, many…

Gift giving is an enormous opportunity for brands. The size of the gift merchandise market is $1 trillion. Consumers spend $695 billion on winter holiday gifts alone. The market for business gifts is also booming and could reach $125 billion. At a time of year when many consumer products are gifted, brands are searching for a competitive advantage. They want gift recipients to become future buyers. Plus, they want gift givers to feel that they’ve chosen the perfect gift.

The best gifts delight both the giver and the receiver. The brand benefits as well. For existing customers, gifting strengthens brand…

Audio detailing is a form of alternative marketing with demonstrated applications in the pharmaceutical industry. By using Voice Express Connect™, marketers can reach target audiences on behalf of sales representatives who are struggling to get meetings. In the past, audio chip technology transformed pharmaceutical industry marketing in a way that surpassed even Internet-enabled technologies. As today’s marketers struggle for attention, this case study provides lessons for the age of COVID-19.

The Demise of Detailing

Sales representatives from pharmaceutical companies have always wanted to visit physicians in their offices to present product information. Known as detailing, these meetings were not designed to sell a product…

Voice Express

Voice-Express® was founded in 1997 to design and produce a variety of innovative sound-enhanced products using the Company’s patents for voice-chip recording.

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